Material imbalance display

In order to show the material imbalance display enable it in the settings (see Show material imbalance) or enable it in the Display Action menu (see Show material imbalance). It will be shown below the board or on top of the move list on phone displays in landscape mode.

material imbalance

The material imbalance display.

The material imbalance display shows the imbalance in a position regarding material. Contrary to showing the captures of a game it shows captures the other player did not make. This may be confusing at the beginning but the advantage soon becomes obvious: you don’t need to count pieces in order to know at a glance on how the material is distributed.

Here’s an example:

material imbalance

Example: the material imbalance display during a game.

In this example White is currently one knight and one pawn up and Black is one rook up. You don’t need to know e.g. that white has captured 3 pawns and black has captured 2 pawns. What counts is that White is one pawn up.