Action menu

action buttons

Action buttons on a tablet without overflow button

If the overflow button is not visible, as in the example above, press the hardware menu on your device to show all available actions not shown in the action bar.

Game list button

game list button

Game list button

The game list button is used to show and hide the game list. On a tablet in landscape mode you can gain more space for the game notation if you hide the game list.

Engine actions

Start analysis

Starts the engine analysis. See Analysis for a detailed explanation.

Play against engine

Play the current position against the chess engine.

Blunder check

See Blunder checking games for a detailed description.

Stop engine

Stop any engine activity.

Pause/Continue engine

Pauses or continues the analysis while maintaining the connection to the engine. In order to save battery you can pause the engine when you are moving through a game and only continue with analysis when you need it. The advantage here is that the chess engine keeps being initialized and is faster to analyze new positions.


Turns Threat analysis on or off.

Flip board

Flips the board to show Black on the bottom and White on the top or vice versa.

Stop live games update

Stops the update of live games in the background. Only available if the PGN file was downloaded from the internet.

Save game

This action item is the same as the menu item Save game.


Opens a sub menu with the following entries:

Show moves

Shows or hides the moves text.

Show annotations

Shows or hides the game annotations if they are displayed separately from the moves. This menu item is only available if Show annotations in-line is disabled.

Show buttons

Shows or hides the Board actions (buttons).

Show material imbalance

Shows or hides the Material imbalance display.

Show opening explorer

Shows or hides the Opening explorer.

Show engine output

Shows or hides the Engine output.

Show coloring buttons

Shows or hides the Coloring buttons.


Opens a sub menu with options to share the game or position with other apps. See Sharing chess games with other apps for more information.

Next Game

Opens the next game from the game list. Only available if the Board actions (buttons) are not shown.

Previous Game

Opens the previous game from the game list. Only available if the Board actions (buttons) are not shown.

Autoplay start/stop

Starts or stops the Autoplay. Only available if the Board actions (buttons) are not shown.